Divya Saini

The fashion entrepreneur who is bringing back the love for vintage and pre-loved clothing 

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Mumbai-based fashion stylist and founder of Bodements- Divya Saini has not only brought her love for Western vintage clothing- handpicked from European thrift stores- to India but also introduced vintage Indian sarees and fabrics to its own people in unique ways - an initiative that seamlessly blends two disparate cultures.One of the few pioneers to not only foster the culture of pre-loved buying within the country but also ensure its strong footing, Saini’s affinity for upcycling stems from making her own clothes out of her mother’s saris and dupattas. Later, her love for one-of-a-kind silhouettes and exaggerated details in vintage clothing materialized Bodements. An Instagram store and then an e-commerce platform during the initial stages, it has evolved into a flagship store in Mumbai that now offers exclusive appointments to visitors. Saini handpicks garments herself, reviving coveted treasures from high-end labels including Burberry, Jean Paul Gaultier and Dries Van Noten to accessories including vintage, brooches, and earrings that are an investment to any wardrobe. All of this is underscored primarily by her mission to breathe new life into pre-loved clothing and also encourage customers to buy less.  Divya is also the founder of Disco Films where she has styled, directed and produced shoots for well-known brands including Nykaa, Roma Narsinghani, Bloni, Arvino as well as international publications like Schon, Bully magazine etc. 

Know more about Divya:

Website: www.bodements.in

Instagram: @bodements_

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